American Field Market Reflection

September 7th-8th Hippy Do You Jewelry attended the American Field Market in Denver Colorado. I learned about this market through their Instagram Advertisement and my friend also sending it to me and pushing me to apply for it. It was so great to meet a lot of other bright entrepreneurs and see what their vision was with their brand and product. There were many pros and cons to the event. One of the pros is that the venue wasn’t too big. This was good because being that it was my first big show I was scared I was going to get lost and not know my surroundings but I was happy with the spacing. Another pro is that I got to meet some very cool people. I was next to two guys who created high-end fashions bandanas (Mister Bandana). It was great to chat with these two and get to better understand their company and how New York varies from Denver in means of market and people. One of the major cons of the market was that there wasn’t a lot of traffic. This was defeating because when you pay a lot of money for a booth fee and then you barely make that back it can be discouraging. There was false advertising with attendance numbers but you can’t also depend on this to be true because you can’t make people show up. Would I do a market like this again? Maybe. I think I would really need to look at the booth fee and how much space I am receiving with that along with if they have held an event in that city before. Overall, it was a great experience and I am very grateful that I got to partake in it.

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