How To Layer Necklaes

Layer jewelry has become a huge trend in recent years. Layering jewelry is a fun way to incorporate more jewelry into your outfits and create a stylish look! If you are unsure where to start when layering your jewelry, here are some tips to help you accessorize. The first tip would be to choose a variety of necklaces with different lengths.

The different lengths will help you see every piece of jewelry and for the necklaces not to overlap one another. Another tip for layering your necklaces would be to wear necklaces with different pendants, chain types, etc…

By choosing a variety of necklaces, you will create a unique but cohesive look by showcasing a variety of necklace types/designs. Lastly, a tip for layering necklaces would be to include both silver and gold jewelry. Including both metals creates a fashionable and trendy look! Mixing metals is very popular and on trend at the moment so try something new and have fun doing it!! 

Layering Ideas from Hippy Do You:

The Paperclip Chain Layering Necklaces & The Anora Crystal Necklace 

The Zaina Pearl Choker & The Half Pearl Necklace

The Silver Thread Necklace & The Trinity Crystal Necklace

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