My Experience Studying Abroad!

Hi there! Thanks for clicking to read about my experience studying abroad:)

Wow! Where to even begin. Studying abroad was sincerely the most amazing experience even if it was only for 6 weeks, I am grateful for every minute of it.

Favorite things about studying abroad:

- Growing in cultural diversity and learning about so many different cultures specifically mostly Czech and French culture. Here's a picture of all my roommates the night before we left Prague to fly home to the USA :(

- Living and studying abroad with my cousin Brenna. It was truly such an experience to study abroad with a family member and I LOVED every minute of it. We bonded greatly and have so many amazing memories we'll be able to look back on and I'm so grateful for that. Brenna and I also got the honor to live with two girls from Paris, France. Yasmine and Lisa were such amazing roommates and helped up learn beginners french and more about their culture. It was such a cool experience to live with people from another country. Tearing up right now because I miss them so much.

- PRAGUE! Holy cow, this city is truly - magical-. From the food, buildings, people, and experiences that it offers I felt like I was in a fairy tale. Granted I chose to study abroad in Prague because it was the cheapest program my College in the states offered, I think Prague was the perfect match for what I was looking for. A true study abroad experience. My favorite places to visit in Prague were the Prague castle, Trdelnik (Czech desert... literally from heaven it was so good!), the Prague shops and boutiques, the challenge of no one speaking English and having to do charades for translation haha and so so much more. Prague is just overall AMAZING and definitely not somewhere to push off your European bucket list.

- Traveling on the weekends: Although I would have loved to do more traveling and would have if the program was able to go the full length I'm grateful for the amazing places I did get to go! The first two weekends Brenna and I decided that we wanted to really take in Prague so we stayed and really explored around. On the third weekend in we went to London, the following weekend Copenhagen, and my last travel was Nice, France! Nice was by far my favorite because I am not much of a city person and it has everything I loved. The ocean, sunshine, authentic town and shop, cool experiences like Monaco and Monte Carlo! Although London and Copenhagen were truly beautiful cities as well and would do anything to go back in a heartbeat. Below are some pictures from our travels!

Here is the video I made for studying abroad which I feel 110% captures the experience I had while in Prague and all the other amazing places I traveled.

If you're reading this and have any questions about Prague or my studies abroad I would absolutely love to chat about it! Although my time was cut short I feel that I got a great taste of Europe and could have good insight into travels and lifestyle there:)

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