Non - Tarnish Jewelry - Let's Talk About It!

Tarnish Free Jewelry

First let's discuss what exactly is tarnish? When metals such as brass and some sterling silver come in contact with water, makeup, sweat and even air, the surface of the jewlery can become dull and lose their shine. Tarnish is usually easy to remove with the correct polishing methods, but if you’re in doubt about your jewlerys ability to remain untarnished, its best to try to keep it dry and clean! 

 Hippy Do You offers many tarnish-resitant and waterproof jewelry options so you can enjoy your jewlery worry free!

Some of our most popular non-tarnish jewlery includes:

 Laura Pearl Gold Hoops

The Flower stamped Gold Ring

and the Queen of Heaven Necklace. 

These are perfect pieces on their own or together as a set!

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