Why I started a business in college.

Why I started a business in College:

Hippy Do You has grown tremendously since opening this last July 2018. Having started on Etsy and now having its own website, I'm beyond happy with where Hippy Do You sits today.

Why did I start Hippy Do You?

I started Hippy Do You to create a jewelry line that matches numerous styles and is in an affordable college budget. I hate spending money on cute jewelry that is insanely expensive, so I thought why not create affordable jewelry for others! I also love boho, hippy style so I wanted to create a line that has that as their main style goal.

How has Hippy Do You benefited you?

I have gained so much from creating my own business. Granted, it was far from easy, I wouldn't trade it for anything. It's been nice to have something that gives me a break from homework while studying. Another thing that has been nice is that it has given me a stable income which I can semi-control. I look forward to working on jewelry every time, it's relaxing.

How do you get inspiration for Hippy Do You?

I get this question a lot! I pull my inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram, and any other social platform. I see outfits and think of what type of jewelry would look good with it. I see other accessories and think about how I could make it cuter or what I would change on that specific piece. When buying supplies for new pieces, a lot of times I buy the parts piece by piece and once I have everything laid out I can piece together designs better in person than over the computer.

Goals for the future with Hippy Do You?

I have many goals for Hippy Do you in the future. One was to get off Etsy and create my own website to sell my jewelry on, done! Another one for this school year was to have a few pop-up shops, done as well! I have loved creating both my websites and also connecting with customers in person. A goal for the future is to potentially connect with a non-profit to help benefit others that are in need. Another thing would be to continue to grow Hippy Do You. I would want to do this by getting into some markets and craft fairs.

I can't wait to see where Hippy Do You goes in the future!


  • Hi Sydney, I met you today at Pete’s coffee. :) Just wanted to say hi and that I have checked out your web site. Very impressive. Wishing you all the best in your entrepreneurial endeavors and college career. :) Hope you enjoy your stay in southern California. Bob

    Robert Nuneviller
  • I LOVE HippyDoYou! Her jewelry is so cute and affordable and the fact that she makes it all makes it even better💗LOVE THIS SITE

    Grace Stoelzing

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