Wear What You Believe

Jesus is key. In our world today, there is a lot of hurt, anger, and violence. Because of the fact that God gave us free will, we are able to make our own decisions and this can result in us turning away from the Lord. God sent His only son to die for us so that we may be reunited with Him someday in heaven. What a gift! We must foster our relationship with the Lord because He is here to help you. He loves you dearly and knows you personally, intimately, and completely.

Here at Hippy Do You, we have a wide variety of faith based jewelry. Our jewelry is here to help you express yourself and what you believe in. Our faith based jewelry is perfect for that! Some of our favorite pieces that are Christian inspired include:

Miraculous Medal Necklace- $18.00

The Marley Necklace- $22.00

Dainty Cross Necklace- $18.00

St. Benedict Silver Necklace- $18.50

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