Hey there! Welcome to Hippy Do You! I'm so excited that you found your way to my shop. My name is Sydney and I created Hippy Do You in July of 2018. WOW where has the past two years gone!!! When I first created Hippy Do You, I used Etsy as my platform. After 7 months, I realized that with the growth of my business, I wanted to move off of Etsy and create a platform custom to my style and shop. So here we are! I could not be more happy with the outcome.

Many ask how I got started in jewelry making or what made me want to create a business at such a young age. I have always had a creative mind, always wanting to make new creations. Slowly, I started to find jewelry making interesting because of the creative and mechanical aspect. I had posted on my Instagram story trying to sell my creations but there just didn't seem to be enough pull. I then created my Instagram @HippyDoYou and linked that to my Etsy. Here is where I started gaining great success in my shop. The spring collection was when the orders really started coming through. Today, I can happily say that starting my own business from the age of 18 is one of the best things I have ever done and I can't wait to see where Hippy Do You will go :)

If you want to hear more details to my story be sure to check out The Founders Journal Podcast linked below where I tell the WHOLE story of how I create collections, how I got into markets and pop ups in college and how I have maintained the business to where it is today!




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